Contact info

CEO / Owner: Mats Hjort
+46(0)70 271 03 66

Finance / IT: Christer Hed

Production Manager / Quality Manager: Pierre Berg
+46 (0)70 783 92 83

Seller: Bernt Melin
+46 (0)70 332 77 71

Seller: Rigmor Stevenson
+46 (0)760 25 86 40


Feel free to read our recurring questions before contacting us.

FAQ recurring questions

Do you have the opportunity to deliver water in bulk?

No, today we do not deliver water in bulk. We only use our water for natural mineral water and it must be bottled at the source.

Can you buy water with your own labels?

Yes, it's fine you bear the costs of producing labels. It must be stated on the label that the water has been drained by Söderåsen Naturliga Mineralvatten AB

How to buy your water?

We sell water to retailers all over the world. If you as a private person want to buy our water, you can buy it in our web shop.(Only Swedish Customer)

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    Söderåsen Naturliga Mineralvattenkälla AB, Mossvägen 21, SE-813 91  Hofors, Sweden +46 (0)70 783 92 83

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