Where it all started

The year was 1995 when the local proprietors of a foxfarm started drilling for water to provide for the farm. Little did they know that 80 meters below them they would find the best water in sweden. As they were digging, suddenly water started bursting out at a rate of 1200 liters per hour and the quality of this water was extremely high. By a coincidence the first approved natural mineral water in sweden was discovered

The first in Sweden

Due to the PH-value and the proper kind of minerals this water has been approved by the National food administration as Natural mineral water.

This is the best water in Sweden, some even say it´s the best water in Europe.
-Mats Hjort

Lack of time and the wrong type of collaborations

In 1997 the water facory was bought by Mats, and the water very quickly became popular. For instance an energy drink was made with the runner Ludmila Enqviston the label.
Full pages were published in diffent newspapers in Sweden. Papers like Expressen and Gefle Dagblad was writing about us. And there was even features made on TV about this.
-Mats Hjort

Mats earlier ran the business Älvdalsmat (Älvdalslax) and this occupied almost all of his time. Things then suddenly got complicated due to collaburations with the wrong type of people. It became hard to find the time for everything, and all this led to the water factory being put on hold.

Unexpected help

Competitors started showing up when i shut down the facory. They wanted to rent the place only to slowly try to claim it for themselves. But I felt like I wanted to keep the facory and so I did.

Mats Hjort