Profile water with own print and advertising water with own print

Profile water with own print and advertising water with own print. Quiet and carbonated water, Söderåsen’s natural mineral water at the price of ordinary spring water. We now print your own design on the label. Company logo, personal messages such as birthday, student, baptism, wedding, etc. Only the imagination puts a stop to it. In addition, you get a very high quality natural mineral water approved according tolivsemdelsverkets norms. Liked by many.

All production takes place in Hofors, which is located in Norrland with one of the world’s best waters. Söderåsens is the first natural mineral water source in Sweden to be approved by both the National Food Administration and the EU. All PET bottles are produced with recycled PET and are connected to the Swedish Return System for pledges. At present, we can deliver 0.5 liter PET bottles at the beginning of 2021, we will also be able to offer 0.33 liter PET bottles in a stylish design bottle, both as still and carbonated water with our own pressure.

We do not strive to be the greatest without you getting the best quality of your water and profiling.

Let your profile water with your own print do the job at the fair, the event and in your daily marketing in the coffee room.
We help you achieve the best results.

Free label layout and fast delivery

We offer Profile water with our own print and advertising water with our own print. Perfect as a give-away for the trade fair event or in the coffee room. We design your advertising water with your own print completely free of charge. Send in your logo and any wishes and we will return with design proposals that you approve. We can deliver the next day if desired.
Contact Pierre or Bernt for more info, quote and order. See contact information below.


Pierre Berg

Phone: +46 (0)70 783 92 83


Rigmor Stevenson

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Bernt Melin

Phone: +46 (0)70 332 77 71